Hideo Reportedly Out Of Action For Up To Eight Months

According to PWInsider.com, top WWE NXT star Hideo Itami is out of action with a bad shoulder injury.

As of now, Itami is scheduled to compete in a triple threat match against Tyler Breeze and Finn Balor at the upcoming Takeover special, however it is expected Itami will be pulled from the match as he is likely to be out of action for 6-8 months.

Itami, along with NXT stars Alex Riley and Sami Zayn, have all suffered recent injuries, and as noted Riley’s will require surgery.


NXT Results and Photos – May 6th 2015

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Hideo Itami def. Tyler Breeze
Looking to scout the competition ahead of the No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable, Finn Bálor pulled up a chair at ringside to get a close-up view as Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze rekindled their rivalry.

Though both competitors traded control, the match turned into a game of cat-and-mouse. Breeze eventually scrambled to ringside to avoid Itami’s lightning-fast strikes. Itami tried to clock Breeze with a big boot on the arena floor, but Prince Pretty moved, leaving Itami’s foot to connect with Bálor‘s jaw. Breeze missed with the Beauty Shot back in the ring, but Itami ducked and connected with the Shotgun Kick for the victory.

Breeze attacked Itami from behind after the bout until Bálor threw him off. The enigmatic Superstar went to check on his friend, until Prince Pretty tagged him with a Supermodel Kick and clobbered Itami with the Beauty Shot, giving his opponents a painful preview of Takeover.

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NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable Preview: Finn Bálor vs. Hideo Itami vs. Tyler Breeze (NXT Championship No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match)

Three of NXT’s brightest Superstars will battle for the opportunity to challenge for the NXT Championship at TakeOver: Unstoppable, as Finn Bálor, Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze will meet in a No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match. Each Superstar is more than worthy of a title match, but they’ll have to prove it inside the ring during the live broadcast on WWE Network.

Bálor emerged victorious from an eight-Superstar tournament earlier this year to win the No. 1 Contendership, defeating Curtis Axel and Itami en route to a showdown with Neville in the finals at TakeOver: Rival. Donning his demonic war paint, Bálor defeated the high-flyer with the Coup de Grace to earn a title match. The Irish Superstar came up short against NXT Champion Kevin Owens, but is eager for another crack at the title.

At last May’s TakeOver, Breeze defeated Sami Zayn to become the No. 1 Contender to the NXT Championship. Prince Pretty’s only one-on-one title match came in August 2014, when he challenged Adrian Neville, only for Sami Zayn and Tyson Kidd to interfere, setting the stage for the Fatal 4-Way scramble that WWE.com placed among the best of the year. Since then, Breeze has been immersed in a rivalry with Itami, defeating the Japanese sensation in a grueling 2-Out-of-3 Falls Match. He recently set his sights on Bálor, making this Triple Threat Match a bit undesirable for Prince Pretty.

Itami may be the wild card in the equation. Since arriving in NXT, he has made his presence felt in high-profile bouts against The Ascension and Breeze, in addition to appearing on The Grandest Stage of Them All, WrestleMania. However, the Japanese star has yet to challenge for a title in NXT. Hideo Itami is on quite a roll as of late. Could this be his golden opportunity?

Who will become the No. 1 Contender to the NXT Championship? Find out at NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, live on the award-winning WWE Network on Wednesday, May 20, at 8 ET/5 PT!

NXT Results and Photos – April 29th 2015

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Hideo Itami def. Adam Rose
The party returned to NXT with Adam Rose, who took on Hideo Itami. The Japanese Superstar, who was announced for a No. 1 Contender’s Triple Threat Match at TakeOver: Unstoppable, was in no mood for Rose’s antics, stopping them with a series of swift and hard kicks. Rose yanked Itami off the ropes and went on offense. Digging down deep, Itami battled back and clobbered Rose with the Shotgun Kick to win the match.

NXT Results and Photos – April 22nd 2015

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Hideo Itami def. CJ Parker
CJ Parker was hoping his crusade to save the planet would go a little better on Earth Day, but Hideo Itami had other plans. Parker gained the upper hand, using a rope break to his advantage and taking Itami to the ground. Despite Parker’s willingness to bend the rules, his foe’s fighting spirit prevailed. Itami battled back, unleashing a flurry of devastating kicks and capping things off with a big Shotgun Kick to pick up the victory.

Hideo To Promote Upcoming WWE Tour In Japan

As announced by WWE Japan, Hideo will be going to Japan to do some promotional work for the WWE, next month, as they prepare for two live events in July.

New NXT Recruit Sesugh Uhaa Mentions Hideo In Recent Interview With WWE.com

In a recent exclusive interview with WWE.com, new NXT recruit Sesugh ‘Uhaa Nation’ Uhaa, was asked several question including who currently on the WWE / NXT rosters would be his dream opponents. Here’s what he had to say:

WWE.COM: You’ve already crossed paths with several NXT and WWE Superstars, including Neville and Luke Harper. Taking a look at the rosters, who are your dream opponents?

UHAA: Oh, there are so many. You’ve got Neville, Finn Bálor, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens. Luke Harper, we had a lot of fun in DGUSA. Dolph Ziggler. The list is endless. Kalisto… There are just so many talented guys here. You’ve got Hideo Itami. There’s so many that it almost seems like there’s not enough time. You want to go out there and wrestle them all at one time. Another one is Solomon Crowe. I got to wrestle him before during WrestleMania Week in New Jersey for EVOLVE, and he’s just a guy I want to learn so much from. The list is endless.

You can read the full interview here.

NXT Results and Photos – April 8th 2015

Live Event Digitals > April 8th, 2015
Screen Captures > April 8th, 2015

This week’s edition of NXT took a look at the groundbreaking WrestleMania Week in California for the next generation of Superstars and Divas. The show included a special look at NXT’s sold-out debut in San Jose and the excitement of the NXT Experience at WrestleMania Axxess. But most importantly, it gave the WWE Universe a very personal look at Hideo Itami’s journey to the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Hideo Itami def. Neville (Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Qualifying Tournament Semifinals)
To get to the semifinals of the tournament, Itami beat Jason Jordan, while Neville emerged victorious over Kalisto in a battle of high-flyers. Itami and Neville started the match slowly, getting a feel for each other before kicking into high gear. The two exchanged holds on the mat before Itami took control with his trademark kicks.

After retreating to the floor, Neville slowed things down and gained the upper hand. The high-flyer surprisingly kept the bout on the mat, methodically picking Itami apart. Eventually, Itami dug down deep and battled back, stunning Neville with hard-hitting strikes, advancing to the tournament finals with his patented running dropkick.

Hideo Itami def. Finn Bálor (Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal Qualifying Tournament Finals)
These two friends and former tag team partners clashed once again, with bigger stakes than ever before. Their familiarity with each other showed in the opening moments of the match, as Itami and Bálor traded holds, neither Superstar able to gain the upper hand.

The WWE Universe watching the bout at Axxess was split between the two competitors, but in awe of the exciting action unleashed by both men. Though each Superstar seemingly had an answer for every one of his rival’s moves, it was Itami who finally emerged with the upper hand, his fighting spirit allowing him to absorb all of Bálor’s strikes and prevent him from hitting the Coup de Grace. Itami kicked out of a rollup and immediately hit his running dropkick to win the match and earn the right to represent NXT on The Grandest Stage of Them All!

Daniel Bryan Mentions Hideo In Interview With Title Match Wrestling

In the video interview above, Daniel Bryan was asked which current NXT Superstar we would like to face in a WWE ring, skip to 1:25 to hear his answer.