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NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III Preview – Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Knockout blows will not be in short supply when Aleister Black, still undefeated inside the yellow ropes, takes on the increasingly volatile Hideo Itami in a newly announced match for TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

The two scary-intense warriors crossed paths last night on NXT when Black, who was entering the ring for a match, interrupted Itami’s mid-ring diatribe. Itami took exception, but Black cleared him from the ring with Black Mass. Later in the evening, after NXT went off the air, Black and Itami got into it again as Itami tried to ambush Black in the parking lot.

It hasn’t taken much to provoke Itami’s temper recently. For weeks, the Japanese Superstar has decried his station and treatment in NXT. His demeanor has turned bitter and his actions unpredictable, such as his post-match attack against onetime ally Kassius Ohno.

If it’s respect that he wants, Itami need not look any further than his showdown against Black in Brooklyn. Itami is in search of a big win that will catapult him back into the main-event picture, and a victory against the tatted terror — who has decimated everybody he has faced so far — might just accomplish that. Black does not seem particularly interested in starting beefs, but he might be all too happy to settle them. The pencak silat master has vanquished mighty competition since making his NXT debut. Black, however, has yet to face a Superstar with the credentials of Itami, making TakeOver’s battle of elite strikers even more compelling.

Can Black make the jaw-jacking Itami “Fade to Black,” or will Itami turn out Black’s lights with his unstoppable Go-To-Sleep? The NXT Universe will find out Saturday, Aug. 19, when TakeOver: Brooklyn III streams live at 8 ET/5 PT, exclusively on the award-winning WWE Network.

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Aleister Black grows more battle-tested by the week. In the latest example, the Dutch destroyer narrowly overcame NXT newcomer Kyle O’Reilly, a world-famous combatant whose unannounced arrival sent Full Sail University into a frenzy.

But before their epic encounter got underway, Black had another Superstar to deal with: Hideo Itami. Itami had commandeered the ring to decry what he believed to be a lack of respect toward him. As Black entered the ring for his scheduled match, Itami initially conceded the squared circle but then tried to jump Black from behind, only to be laid out with Black Mass.

NXT Results and Photos – July 26th 2017

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Kassius Ohno def. Hideo Itami by Disqualification

It looks as though Hideo Itami finally put the finishing touches on his floundering friendship with Kassius Ohno as he decimated NXT’s resident Knockout Artist with a vicious post-match assault mere moments after embarrassing him with a low blow.

Itami and Ohno’s alliance was clearly on shaky ground from the start, but the Japanese Superstar’s actions Wednesday night on NXT have blown up the foundation that was their friendship.

Both heralded strikers let out their frustrations with one another in the form of a barrage of hard-hitting kicks that had the NXT Universe split down the middle on who they wanted to prevail.

Just as Ohno set up Itami for his Rolling Elbow finisher, Itami responded with a kick below the belt that floored his opponent.

Itami proceeded to add insult to injury, continuing to levy a relentless attack against his former friend. After hitting not one, but two GTS’ on Ohno, Itami began to walk up the ramp.

Deciding he wasn’t finished with the jersey-clad Ohno, Itami then went back to the ring to drop Ohno face-first on the unforgiving steel steps, finally ending the unforgiving assault.

WWE.com: Ohno and Itami To Settle Their Differences Inside The Ring

Fed up with Hideo Itami’s finger-pointing and complaints, Kassius Ohno is ready to show that he is a man of action. In a match that he requested, and a showdown that many NXT fans believe has been weeks in the making, NXT’s Knockout Artist will face Itami tonight, exclusively on WWE Network.

Since coming up short against NXT Champion Bobby Roode at TakeOver: Chicago, Itami has grown increasingly frustrated with his position in NXT. The legendary striker denied rumors that he plans to return to Japan, but has been openly critical about his treatment, claiming that he has not been given due respect by NXT fans or matchmakers.

At first, Ohno defended the uncharacteristic behavior of Itami, a long-respected ally whom Ohno first crossed paths with in Japan, and attempted to show Itami the “right way” of overcoming his setback. Yet, after Itami blamed Ohno for their tag team loss to SAnitY on the July 5 episode of NXT, the master of the Rolling Elbow had clearly had enough of Itami’s new attitude.

Tonight, the two universally feared competitors will square off inside the yellow ropes. Which striker will come out on top, and regardless of the outcome, where will Ohno and Itami’s friendship stand after the duel? Don’t miss this hotly anticipated match tonight when NXT streams on the award-winning WWE Network at 8/7 C.

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Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe def. Kassius Ohno & Hideo Itami

If Kassius Ohno and Hideo Itami’s friendship was on thin ice before, you better believe that ice has completely cracked following their loss to Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe.

Ohno and Itami’s inexperience as a tag team – and issues communicating – would ultimately be their undoing in this bout. At times, Ohno could be heard imploring his tag team partner to tag him into the contest, only to see his pleas going ignored by Itami.

On the other side of the squared circle, SAniTy’s crazed team of Dain & Wolfe worked in complete unity. The unhinged Wolfe appeared to gladly take a GTS from Itami in order to open the door for The Beast of Belfast, who then demolished Itami with a devastating running crossbody.

With Ohno and Itami clearly not on the same page, will this loss add fuel to the fire that is their tumultuous friendship?

WWE.com: Ohno And Itami Join Forces Against SAnitY

SAnitY “maestro” Eric Young is devising a master plan, and if Killian Dain & Alexander Wolfe have their way, Kassius Ohno & Hideo Itami will be the first Superstars to feel the ramifications.

With the help of a distraction from Nikki Cross, Dain & Wolfe blindsided Ohno & Itami in the center of the ring on the June 28 edition of NXT, just as it seemed like the troubled friends were on the verge of patching up their hard feelings. Though NXT’s Knockout Artist and the master of the GTS have had a rocky few weeks, with recent in-ring setbacks straining their friendship, they now align under the common cause: Scoring retribution against NXT’s chaotic contingent.

Wolfe offered some semblance of an explanation for SAnitY’s unprovoked attack, stating that Young wants his crew to expose “forced friendships” such as Ohno & Itami’s as nothing more than “lies.”

Can SAnitY succeed in their nefarious quest, or will Ohno & Itami leave Dain & Wolfe seeing stars? Don’t miss this huge tag team collision, streaming tonight on WWE Network.

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Hideo Itami def. Oney Lorcan

Bent on evening the score with Hideo Itami after Itami blasted him with multiple GTSes the last time they wrestled, Oney Lorcan charged out the gate, firing off a European uppercut. The opening salvo caught Itami’s face in all the wrong ways, and blood began pouring out of his nose. The referee paused the bout and, after consulting with ringside medical personnel, called off the match — much to the disappointment of Itami, Lorcan and the entire NXT Universe.

The fight, however, was far from over.

Minutes later, Itami reemerged from the locker room. His nose flattened, twice as wide as before and stuffed with cotton, he waved on Lorcan to return to the ring.

Lorcan obliged, and the blistering action picked up where it left off. Itami struck first this time, landing a running big boot as soon as the bell rang. He battered Lorcan with knees and kicks, but the Boston brawler chopped and uppercut his way back. Itami’s savvy eventually won out, as he suckered Lorcan in and attacked his knee, causing Lorcan to crumple to the mat shortly after. Lorcan refused to quit, even when the referee gave him the chance, but he still couldn’t muster a defense against Itami’s GTS. Unlike their previous battle, Itami stopped there, pinning Lorcan instead of continuing the onslaught.

Itami then invited Kassius Ohno to the ring, but before they could address their tumultuous friendship, Nikki Cross climbed onto the ropes and distracted them long enough for Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe to pounce. After they laid waste to Itami and Ohno, Wolfe ended things on a most ominous note, revealing that SAnitY’s “maestro,” Eric Young, is hard at work crafting a master plan for the chaotic crew.