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Hideo Itami is not intimidated by Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s threats

Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s animosity for Hideo Itami intensified on Christmas Day when The Brian Kendrick suffered a broken nose and fractured orbital bone following a devastating Go to Sleep from Itami. Despite losing to the Japanese Superstar the following night on WWE 205 Live, Gallagher sought retribution last week by attacking his nemesis with a steel pipe.

On the latest episode of WWE 205 Live, Gallagher made his way to the ring and explained his loathing of Itami and his desire to avenge his mentor, The Brain Kendrick. Thinking Itami was nursing his wounds, Gallagher told the WWE Unvierse his machinations to ruin Itami’s life. That prompted the Japanese Superstar to make his way to the ring and confront Gallagher.

Determined to make Gallagher respect him, Itami unleashed his rage – even countering an attack from Gallagher’s trusty umbrella. Before Itami could use the umbrella against its owner, the British Superstar retreated from the ring and escaped through the WWE Universe.