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205 Live Results and Photos – January 23rd 2018

Live Event Digitals > January 23rd, 2018
Screen Captures > January 23rd, 2018

Hideo Itami def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

The heated rivalry between Hideo Itami and Gentleman Jack Gallagher came to a head as the two Superstars collided inside the squared circle. Before the match, Itami revealed that he respected The Brian Kendrick and his injury was an unfortunate accident, but the Japanese Superstar did not respect Gentleman Jack Gallagher.

As soon as the opening bell sounded, Itami charged forward and laid out his nemesis with a devastating kick. Seeking retribution for Gallagher’s brutal attack with a steel pipe, Itami channeled his anger into precise and powerful strikes that kept the British Superstar on defense. Desperate for a break while outside the ring, Gallagher crawled underneath the ring to emerge on the other side and launch a sneak-attack on his opponent.

The unorthodox strategy paid off, and Gallagher began to rely on his unique technical ability to take control of the match. Gallagher continued to manipulate his opponent’s limbs to maximize punishment, but the resilience of Itami reigned supreme, and he battled back, regaining momentum.

Catching a second wind, Itami battled back with relentless fury, taking down Gallagher with a powerful strike to the jaw. Firmly in control of the contest, the Japanese Superstar executed a unique and innovate new maneuver to secure the win.

205 Live Results and Photos – January 9th 2018

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Hideo Itami is not intimidated by Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s threats

Gentleman Jack Gallagher’s animosity for Hideo Itami intensified on Christmas Day when The Brian Kendrick suffered a broken nose and fractured orbital bone following a devastating Go to Sleep from Itami. Despite losing to the Japanese Superstar the following night on WWE 205 Live, Gallagher sought retribution last week by attacking his nemesis with a steel pipe.

On the latest episode of WWE 205 Live, Gallagher made his way to the ring and explained his loathing of Itami and his desire to avenge his mentor, The Brain Kendrick. Thinking Itami was nursing his wounds, Gallagher told the WWE Unvierse his machinations to ruin Itami’s life. That prompted the Japanese Superstar to make his way to the ring and confront Gallagher.

Determined to make Gallagher respect him, Itami unleashed his rage – even countering an attack from Gallagher’s trusty umbrella. Before Itami could use the umbrella against its owner, the British Superstar retreated from the ring and escaped through the WWE Universe.

205 Live Results and Photos – January 2nd 2018

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Gentleman Jack Gallagher attacked Hideo Itami

After being defeated by Hideo Itami on the final WWE 205 Live of 2017, Gentleman Jack Gallagher demanded a rematch against The Japanese Superstar in an effort to avenge the injury his compatriot, The Brian Kendrick, suffered at the hands of Itami on Raw. The Man with a Plan suffered a fractured nose and orbital bone following a devastating Go To Sleep from Itami, and is sidelined for two months.

Gallagher’s brand of cruelty was quelled last week on WWE 205 Live, but he wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Attempting to attack Itami with his umbrella before the opening bell, The Japanese Superstar fought back and left Gallagher reeling. However, the British Superstar managed to retrieve William the Third and successfully level a charging Itami. Falling from the umbrella was a lead pipe, which Gallagher happily picked up and continued his attack until he was separated by officials coming to Itami’s aid.

Although Gallagher came up short in singles competition last week, he certainly showed Itami the punishment that comes with crossing Gallagher and Kendrick.

205 Live Results and Photos – December 26th 2017

Live Event Digitals > December 26th, 2017
Screen Captures > December 26th, 2017

Hideo Itami def. Gentleman Jack Gallagher

On Raw, Hideo Itami defeated former WWE Cruiserweight Champion The Brian Kendrick in a bout that resulted in The Man with a Plan suffering a fractured nose and orbital bone following Itami’s patented Go to Sleep. As a result, Gentleman Jack Gallagher was determined to display his own cruelty and avenge his ally’s defeat and injury by unleashing punishment on the Japanese Superstar.

Showing no fear stepping inside the ring with Itami, Gallagher hoped to rely on his unorthodox style to dominate his opponent. Unfortunately for Gallagher, Itami answered a slap in the face with one of his own before unleashing a flurry of strikes and demanding The British Superstar respect him. Unable to mount an effective offense, Gallagher used the ring apron to trip his opponent and take control of the contest.

Using his technical prowess, Gallagher gained the advantage, taunting the WWE Universe in Chicago as he dished out punishment to Itami. However, the Japanese Superstar managed to recover, once again swinging momentum into his favor with high-impact strikes. Despite Itami regaining the edge in the contest, Gallagher showed off his own resilience, applying The Brian Kendrick’s Captain’s Hook and nearly making Itami tap out.

Unfortunately for Gallagher, the flurry was short-lived, as Itami struck back and locked in the Rings of Saturn for the tapout victory.

Raw Results and Photos – December 25th 2017

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Screen Captures > December 25th, 2017

Hideo Itami def. The Brian Kendrick

205 Live and Monday Night Raw got their first dose of Hideo Itami last week, and the message was loud and clear: Be very afraid. But The Brian Kendrick, who has always fancied himself smarter than the average bear, decided to see if Itami really belonged. The short answer was yes, and painfully so, as Itami came out swinging — or kicking, rather — in his Raw singles debut.

The Man With a Plan was well on his way to being brutalized until Gentleman Jack Gallagher distracted Itami and gave the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion a chance to brawl his way back into the fight. Yet Itami, psyching himself up periodically by screaming “Show me respect,” grinded his way through Kendrick’s offense, peppering him with body shots before finally dropping him with a Go to Sleep that nearly turned Kendrick’s face to mush.

205 Live Results and Photos – December 19th 2017

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Hideo Itami def. Colin Delaney

On Raw, Hideo Itami came to the aid of his longtime friend and ally Finn Bálor, teaming up with the first-ever Universal Champion against The Miztourage. Itami and Bálor’s victory only built the excitement for the Japanese Superstar’s debut in the Cruiserweight division.

Making his highly-anticipated debut on WWE 205 Live, Itami squared off with Colin Delaney and quickly showed the WWE Universe his speed, power and unbridled intensity with a flurry of kicks and high-impact strikes. Demanding that he be respected as he dismantled Delaney and picked up the victory with his patented Go to Sleep, Itami certainly proved he is a force to be reckoned with and can potentially change the landscape of the Cruiserweight division.

WWE.com: Hideo Itami Puts The Cruiserweight Division On Notice

Tonight, Hideo Itami makes his highly-anticipated Cruiserweight division debut. However, the Japanese Superstar didn’t wait for WWE 205 Live to show the WWE Universe what he is capable of, making his Raw debut last night. Itami didn’t have any ordinary debut; he came to the aid of his longtime friend Finn Bálor, as The Miztourage unleashed an assault on the first-ever Universal Champion after their 2-on-1 Match ended following a disqualification.

Itami charged the ring, quickly disposing of Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel before the match was restarted as a tag team bout. The newest addition to the Cruiserweight division put his innovative offense on full display, working alongside one of WWE’s top Superstars in Finn Bálor. Capping off his incredible first night on Raw, Itami took down Axel with his patented Go to Sleep, sending a strong message to his fellow Cruiserweights.

How will Itami continue to build momentum in his first WWE 205 Live appearance? How will the other Cruiserweights respond to Itami’s impactful debut? Find out tonight on WWE 205 Live at 10/9 C on the award-winning WWE Network.